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Benefits and Advantages of Partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider. How 310-GEEK Can Help Your Business Grow.

August 2022

Securing and maintaining business data, assets and applications is a complicated job that requires years of training and a very specific skill set. This becomes even more complicated if you want to migrate the above items to the cloud. When you add in cybersecurity, to help protect your IT infrastructure and assets, the job becomes much too complex for one or two people to manage. This is where partnering with a managed IT service provider can help you.

A managed IT service provider is a team of skilled professionals that are trained, have proper and maintained certifications, have thousands of hours of IT experience, and possess intimate knowledge of today’s best data practices, IT applications, network infrastructure maintenance and cybersecurity measures. These professionals are constantly learning about new applications and can source top quality equipment or qualified talent in a tight labour market.

The increased demand for managed IT isn’t simply about managing workloads or saving money. It is about ensuring that your business is properly protected and ready to be a part of the ever-evolving business environment. There is nothing worse than having a ransomware attack happen to your business during its busy season.

Below are some benefits and advantages to partnering with a managed IT service provider.

·         Fast Response Times gives you 24/7 access to a team of trained and certified professionals. You’ll have a team to monitor, maintain, manage, and report on your IT assets around the clock. It’s worth mentioning that this team can also scale up or down as required. If you want to open a new office or hire more people, your IT partner should be able to easily add support for those extra users and systems.

·         Proactive Network Monitoring and Issue Fixing prevents unplanned downtime that cost your business money and productivity. Your managed IT service provider ensures you have qualified professionals with proper training and certification to upgrade, manage, monitor, and secure your network and IT infrastructure, providing maximum network uptime and performance for your business.

·         Cybersecurity also known as computer security or information technology security is more and more critical for businesses. Your managed IT service provider can help protect your business from today’s cyber threats by implementing cybersecurity best practices such as operating system updates, deploying a password manager or a virtual private network (VPN). They can continually monitor and protect email, applications, endpoints, servers, networking devices, wireless networks, mobile devices, access control and data storage. Did you know that, according to research by IBM, it takes 280 days to find and contain the average cyberattack, while the average attack costs $3.86 million?

·         Improve cost efficiency from consistent and reliable network performance. This leads to reduced downtime, and labour rates. Your managed IT service provider can provide predictable cost certainty with a fixed monthly rate, this gives your business the ability to confidently build budgets and accurate forecasts.

·         Expertise and Experience is the biggest advantage to partnering with a managed IT service provider. You’ll have a team that has all the qualifications, training, certifications, and experience. No need for you to spend months looking for a qualified candidate and training them.

If you’re interested in Managed IT Services for your business contact us today via email or call us at 310-GEEK (4335).

About 310-GEEK

310-GEEK is a full-service managed IT service provider and consultant that provides Network, Security, Cloud and On-Site technology-based solutions. We support small and medium sized businesses, large enterprises, professional corporations, healthcare providers, public-sector organizations, and utilities. We have a team of professionals with a combined 40-plus years of experience that can design and build customized solutions to help our customers grow their businesses. Operating in the Edmonton market for over 10 years, 310-GEEK has the insights to understand the critical needs that businesses require to be successful in today’s competitive environment. Our goal is to deliver secure, innovative, and reliable services that respond to the changing demands of businesses and be there to support their rapid growth and digital transformation initiatives.

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