How implementing a VDI with 310-GEEK can help increase your business’s productivity, security and flexibility

When your business implements Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. You provide flexibility and security for your employees to be productive from anywhere.
A group of employees working on a project outside of the office.

How implementing Virtual Desktop infrastructure (VDI) can help your business.

November 2022

This virtual desktop will contain all the necessary software needed for a user to do their work from anywhere. All a user needs is a internet connection and a device of their choice (laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet) to access their virtual desktop. This technology provides you with numerous benefits to help your business stay competitive in today’s economic environment.

5 Benefits of Virtual Desktop Hosting for Your Business

The definition above alone highlights some significant benefits of this concept. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the platform, uncovering just your business can benefit from the implementation and maintenance of virtual desktop hosting today.

1) Workplace Flexibility

As mentioned above, this might be the most obvious advantage. If your desktops are hosted virtually, employees and members of your team that have an internet connection will be able to access them regardless of their location, situation, or device. The result is significantly increased flexibility within the workplace.

In today’s ever changing business climate flexibility is essential, by hosting your desktops and applications in the cloud, you can achieve accessibility in various situations.

2) Significant Cost Savings

Virtual desktop hosting usually has a relatively minimal cost if a server setup already exists. In exchange, you can get potentially significant savings down the road. In other words, desktop virtualization is much more than just an initial cost. It’s a positive investment that has the potential to bring a significant return.

As mentioned in the first point, you’ll rely less on expensive desktop or laptop equipment and have the exact software and license needed. With VDI being sever based, upgrades and maintenance costs are performed in a centralized location. This saves you significant down time and costs.

3) Decreased Security Risks

A virtual environment for your business will play a significant part in making your data more secure. Your data is now stored in a central system, this provides better protection than keeping it on your employee’s devices. Everything is centrally managed, allowing you to keep your data in the right hands by setting proper access rules.

4) Better Disaster Recovery

Like cybersecurity, disaster recovery has become an essential part of IT management. You’ll no longer rely on recovering data from stationary computers that might be lost or damaged in the disaster. Instead, your data is stored in a centralized location where it is safe and backed up regularly.

5) Increased Productivity

Finally, and on an overarching level, moving to a virtual desktop interface will almost certainly improve your organization’s productivity. Your operations become more lean and agile, while your employee abilities and efforts become more flexible. Productivity can be maintained even in the face of disaster, and in a more secure environment thanks to better protection against data breaches. Finally, the long-term cost savings can be invested back into your business for better operations down the road.

This type of improved productivity becomes invaluable over time. Let’s face it: any IT solution that benefits both sides of the equation deserve a closer look. Large companies around the world are touting the benefits on both sides of the aisle, making the move intriguing for all areas of the business.

About 310-GEEK

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